Fitness has always been a part of my life. As a former collegiate and professional athlete I have learned that a substantial amount of physical success is mental; as a personal trainer you must have the ability to motivate and develop a client’s mind and body, because so much of their success is based on mental strength. Physical training has a positive effect on all aspects of a person’s life; whereby, enriching not only their body but their soul and I truly believe that that’s what training is all about.

With over 20 years experience in the fitness arena, my career has taken a number of turns, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and familiarity within the industry. My background includes: directing a non-profit organization utilizing fitness to develop core values, working as a Youth Coach in recreation programs, personal training for the YMCA, managing the corporate fitness program at Home Depot and co-founding Optimal Performance Training.

My professional resume consists of the following professional certifications:

Certified Strength Instructor,YMCA

Specialized fitness certifications in Back Care and Stretching, YMCA

Certified Stretching Instructor, CSI.

In addition to the above certifications, my background also encompasses: testing protocol, developing stretching programs, warm-up to work programs for corporate employee’s and warehouse workers, body transformation programs, Artist and performers conditioning, professional athletic conditioning and training amateur/professional bodybuilders and figure fitness competitors. Formal education coupled with previous experience has enabled me to bring together the science of exercise along with its practical everyday uses.

Fitness plays a significant role in the community. As mentor and coach for at-risk youth, I believe that it is important to keep children engaged in sports and fitness activities. Physical activities promote not only a healthy body, but improve self-esteem and social skills.

My realm of training experience ranges from assisting sedentary people in incorporating exercise as regular part of their lives, training individuals that want to get in shape and feel better, facilitating active participation boot camps to coaching professional athletes. Personal training for me also involves developing very stringent fitness and nutrition programs for professional baseball and football players, amateur and professional bodybuilders and figure fitness competitors. As a drug-free body building competitor and contest winner myself, understanding and relating to clients that want to achieve a higher level of fitness is second nature. A majority of OPT clients have won either first or second place in competitions and many have appeared in national and local magazines.

Understanding an individual’s fitness goals and objectives are very important; although, I seek a high level of fitness, I understand that everyone does not. Therefore, all programs are specifically developed according to each individual client’s fitness goals. At OPT, our focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the physical appearance of our clients; we however, do understand that personal training has a multitude of positive effects on many aspects of a person’s life and we are happy to have made a difference in the lives of our clients.




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